Why Adults Sexually Abuse Children

I get asked this question often – especially after someone finds out that I have worked in the forensics field for over 3 decades and that I have a Master’s degree in Forensic Psychology and Criminology. I ran across a graphic that led me to a site that contained this article…  There are some general principles that therapists … Continue reading Why Adults Sexually Abuse Children


Educators – Read This!

A blank sheet of paper represents the writer's world - the location of the first letter on the paper represents where and how the writers sees himself (or herself) within his world...

Confused About Forensics?

Are YOU confused about the word "forensic"? If so, I would like to help clarify. While I could get into a bunch of lingo that would further confuse you, I decided to keep it simple. But first, we need to define the word "forensic": application of scientific methods and techniques to aid in criminal investigation scientific techniques … Continue reading Confused About Forensics?

Are You In Love With Your Closet?

Sometimes my figure-8 curves are a blessing but, when shopping for clothing, it's usually a downright curse. If I buy pants to fit my hips, I have a ton of gap around my waist... but if I buy pants to fit my waist, I can't even get my hips into them. So I avoided shopping for clothing … Continue reading Are You In Love With Your Closet?

What Do You See with Your Eyes Closed?

Sight, for most people, is the dominant sense. We rely on it for information about our environment, for spatial awareness, navigation, etc. Yes, our reliance on vision often...

Seven Ways to End Fear of Failure

I have never been competitive. Okay, that’s not entirely true. I have never been competitive with others but I have always been very competitive with myself. What exactly does that mean?

Will You Get Lost?

Creating situations when we are purposely out of control is a great way to reconnect with the wild and wonderful now...