Educators – Read This!


A blank sheet of paper represents the writer’s world – the location of the first letter on the paper represents where and how the writers sees himself within his world.

The second, and all following letters, represent other people in society (how the writer subconsciously views other people). When letters are connected (cursive writing), this shows the writer’s willingness and ability to connect to others and develop empathy.

Even if you learn to cursive write at age 5 and NEVER do it again… you have planted the “seeds of empathy” and will therefore have the empathy needed for others less fortunate within society.

If you have NEVER learned cursive… EVER… it is almost 99.9% IMPOSSIBLE to develop empathy and compassion as a child or feel remorse, guilt, or shame. Yes, you can learn empathy in other ways such as by living life… learning hard lessons, and feeling pain. Yes, you can learn empathy by hurting people and see what your actions have done to them. However, there are people who, even with these experiences, never feel empathy, compassion or remorse. If you are like most people, you would rather learn empathy by learning cursive writing?

UNempathetic children become UNempathetic teens and UNempathetic adults… most of these individuals fill our prisons! Yes, you may know many people who are mean, cruel, evil, etc. who are cursive writers. That does NOT mean they did not learn empathy – but it may mean they are making a personal choice based on past experiences to NOT use it. When “life” hurts us, we become self-protective and cruel to others as a way of exerting power in our lives.

Check out the “science” a bit more.


Think back to your childhood – you probably learned to cursive and would have NEVER treated people, adults, elders, babies, animals the way our society does today. Heck even most freshman are still learning how to be “human” in the classrooms!

Think about the correlation of the worsening of society and youth and when the schools STOPPED penmanship classes.

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