Are You In Love With Your Closet?

Sometimes my figure-8 curves are a blessing but, when shopping for clothing, it’s usually a downright curse. If I buy pants to fit my hips, I have a ton of gap around my waist… but if I buy pants to fit my waist, I can’t even get my hips into them. So I avoided shopping for clothing like it would cause some deadly disease because I was usually disappointed and completely frustrated! Instead, I kept wearing my diehard tried & true clothing which I knew was starting to look that way too… and many were getting outdated.

To help me combat my frustration, my husband bought me the oh-so-easy-to-cancel-anytime subscription to both StitchFix and Dia. So far, I have received six (6) monthly boxes of quality designer clothing from each store.

BOTH are great most of the time, it does take a bit of time to get items that fit your style. What I did that helped immensely is I was very detailed on patterns, colors, styles, etc. that I did not like more than what I do. I would rather have a bunch of great clothes to try on and choose from than open a box of clothes I hate only to have my excitement turn into being “bummed”. I also uploaded photos of some of my past and current clothing FAVES from all brands… Walmart to Saks.

Keep in mind “designers” are visual. No matter how detailed you type or verbally describe, nothing speaks to designers like photos!

I know we are all “in a rush” (albeit I wonder why most of the time)… I can almost guarantee that if you do not take your time to really do what I did to help your personal designer truly “get” your tastes, YOU WILL BE VERY DISAPPOINTED.

Outside of the above, here is a bit more of my experience…

EVERY pair of pants from StitchFix has fit perfectly right out of the box. 4 of the 6 pair  from Dia had to be exchanged. Either way, I acquired 12 pair of pants from jeans to capri’s and love them equally. 

As for shirts, BOTH are great again with StitchFix fitting better out the box. In my experience, Dia tends to run a bit larger than the actual size on the tops. So if I wear an 18W, StitchFix will fit like a true 18W, but Dia will fit more like a 19W – 20W.

The extra benefit is that each box from both companies includes a postage-free return bag and label. Just put the items you don’t want inside, seal and give to your mailman. Easey-peasey!

I have since paused my subscription to both because I have a completely full closet that I totally love.

Bottom line is that if you were to ask which one I prefer… I recommend BOTH equally.

Try them yourself & get an updated closet you love too!

Just click the banners below.

stitchfix.jpg                 clothing_1

If you are more of an eBay person and prefer the bidding experience, check out this other place that I often buy from. They have been in business for many years and have over 2,500 5-star reviews. Most of their clothing is new and starts at only $3.99. Around the holidays, they owners (Erin & Stacy) even sent free clothing with your order. With Curvey Closet Clothing, I have never had to return anything. Not even my figure-8 can mess with this place 🙂

curvey closet

ALL 3 of these clothing locations are in the USA so that’s an added plus. Quite frankly, I got pretty tired of Asian sizes and trying to “guess” if things would fit.