Can You Cradle Your “Baby”?

With each experience of hurt, loss, or other unpleasant emotions, a part of us becomes more and more fragile and helpless. It then becomes all too easy to acquire the “victim” mindset.

This part of us, the fragile and helpless one, is like an inconsolable infant… needing what a baby needs… comfort, support, love, understanding, and validation.

The next time you are beset with a painful experience and / or emotion, first become aware of where it is physically located in your body.

Then, bring your attention close enough to the pain until you feel safe and nurtured – validated by you – the “parent” of that “inner infant” – yet not so close that it feels forced or fake in any way. 

Maintain this type of “cradling” until the pain resolves and leaves you feeling calm and peaceful. Believe it or not, this typically occurs much sooner than you’d think. If it helps, actually close your eyes and visualize holding an upset infant in your arms and then calming him or her down.

Get in touch with your inner child today…