Toxic Fathers

Toxic fathers can leave their children emotionally hungry and sometimes desperately needy. The luckiest children will find another family member such as a grandfather or uncle to fill their father’s footsteps. While this can help, it doesn’t heal. 

These insecurely attached children often become clingy in adult relationships, needing constant reassurance from friends and lovers alike.

Despite what we prefer to believe, fathers (like mothers) are NOT hardwired to love their children. It is the child, not the parents, whom evolution has equipped with a powerful need to love and be loved as an aid to survival.

In fact, about half of all humans on this planet have parents who range from “great” to “good enough.” For the other half – those who ended up with toxic fathers, there is hope and healing.

Yes… fathers day is coming and not everyone is excited to celebrate dad. I was adopted and had a toxic adoptive father. In fact, I talk about him with detail and you can hear about it on the podcast below. It is from 2007 but the content is still relevant today.

LINK to EDWENE GAINES as mentioned in the podcast.

CONNECT WITH YOUR FATHER ON THE OTHER SIDE…. contact Christine Salter. Tell her I referred you. I don’t get a kick-back but I would like her to know that I referred her.



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