Think You Are Intelligent? Your Heels and Balls May Disagree

After 14 years of college to obtain a Masters in Forensic Psychology, and working in the field for over 30 years, you can probably imagine the interesting studies that I have seen over the years.  Just like a good joke – we usually only tend to remember the best ones we’ve heard. 

For me, the study that has stuck out most interesting in my mind is the one which   measured intelligence based on heels and balls.


WOMEN: did you know that studies have shown the HIGHER the heel you wear, the LESS intelligent you are? The study asked us to “think about it and take note” – the doctors, nurses, educators, lawyers, scientists, etc. they wear FLATS or LOW heels 90% of the time compared to those who were deemed less intelligent (ie: the study mentioned prostitutes and strippers) – they wear HIGH HEELS 90% of the time.


MENdid you know that studies have shown that the men who prefer SMALL balls are MORE intelligent (ie: CEOs, attorneys, doctors) than those who prefer BIG balls (ie: criminals, society’s perception of “thugs”, the unemployed).

The study asked us to “think about it and take note” – even the clothing is classier on golfers not to mention their overall class, linguistics, careers, material tastes, and gracefulness are too over those of basketball players.


Of course, I am not proud to say that in my 20’s when I was more concerned about  fitting into the status quo, my heels were high. Since I developed my career and found my authenticity nearly 30 years ago, I am proud to say that I have worn flats or slight (less than 1″) heels and my feet and knees have repeatedly thanked me for it!


Perhaps to see how accurate this study was, we could “take note” at the next job interview, or quiz our (or our friends) date and find out if their interests and career choices match their heels… or balls.

Take a moment and think about the people you have known in your life… your ex-partners, friends, adult children, other family members, and social circles?

Go ahead – really think about this…






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