“Help! Life Insurance Confuses the Shit Outta Me”

This is NOT the b-o-r-i-n-g  episode you think it is and insurance policies today are NOT the b-o-r-i-n-g  policies of our grandparents.


Bring Back Clean Music

I pick songs based on beat - if I can really get down and dance to it then I will usually like it BUT I do not like disrespectful "trash-talk" because, in my opinion, it just adds to the self-destructing society we currently have. Case in point...

VIDEO: Our Author Launch Party

Not all authors could be at our authors-only launch party for the official release of the "Girl Behind the Fence: Loneliness" book so we decided to do this video to share with them, and you!

Working for Barter, Free, or Fee ?

When close friends or family members have a small concern, I am quick to offer a bit of advice about it if they wish. Like a great friend, I do care about them and am usually eager to help. However there is a fine line between people seeking true assistance and those taking advantage of me. … Continue reading Working for Barter, Free, or Fee ?

My Mobile App Picked “App of the Day”

So honored that my mobile app was chosen "App of the Day". Check out the interview with the designer. VIDEO!!

Burst Your Bubble with Cris Somers

From science & pre-med to spiritual marketing for earth angels. Check out Cris Somers.

Power of Energetic Awareness with Vibeke Schurch

Tweek your belief system by removing subconscious blocks with Vibeke Schurch and check out her awesome FREEBIES!