What Do You See with Your Eyes Closed?

Sight, for most people, is the dominant sense. We rely on it for information about our environment, for spatial awareness, navigation, etc. Yes, our reliance on vision often...


Seven Ways to End Fear of Failure

I have never been competitive. Okay, that’s not entirely true. I have never been competitive with others but I have always been very competitive with myself. What exactly does that mean?

Will You Get Lost?

Creating situations when we are purposely out of control is a great way to reconnect with the wild and wonderful now...

Comfortable Discomfort with Deborah Colleen Rose

interviewed Deborah Colleen Rose about her journey from the world of Bail Bonds and Private Investigations to Spirituality. As a coach of many things, she uses her experiences to help others identify the life they want and then helps them achieve it. Find out how her skills in Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) along with good old-fashioned … Continue reading Comfortable Discomfort with Deborah Colleen Rose

Where Are You Stuck?

When we are stuck in reaching our goals, it is easy to think of this as a problem to "solve". But this approach leaves us with insufficient information and Band-Aid solutions.

Raw Truth About Using Insurance for Mental Health Treatment

The SHORT answer is "BECAUSE I CARE". The LONG technical, "let-me-count-the-reasons" answer is below...

Make-Up Supported My Kids

Unbeknownst to me at the time, I believe I didn't let it go because not only did it help me out a lot financially, it also allowed me a way to keep the memory of these women alive. After all, they played a huge part in the woman I have become. Done. Decided. That's what I would do...