Who’s Your Nemesis?

Think of the person who bothers you the most, without whom your life would be much easier. Zero in on his or her most annoying...

Handwriting for Healing Results

Thank you to the 1st TEN people for submitting your anonymous handwriting sample to me for the purpose of allowing me to help you... and for allowing me to share this with my readers in hopes it will also help them. If your handwriting did not make it in the 1st TEN or you are … Continue reading Handwriting for Healing Results

Analysis of Bill Cosby: Sexual Predator?

Check out my analysis on Bill Cosby. YOU decide... is he a sexual predator or not?

Identifying Potential School Shooters

Now that school is starting again, the topic of "how can we identify potential school shooters and be proactive instead of reactive?" has been renewed. It seems each year this is an area of concern. What you may not know is that I have been doing just that for nearly 30 years and all the indicators … Continue reading Identifying Potential School Shooters

Up & Coming Serial Killers

One of my previous blogs discussed animal abuse and then I recently bumped into an article I had seen quite awhile ago. The article was about Scott Andrew Graham (Mesa, AZ) who was arrested for a variety of charges to include mutilating and killing neighborhood cats! As I mentioned before, there are strong correlations of the handwriting of … Continue reading Up & Coming Serial Killers

Why Adults Sexually Abuse Children

I get asked this question often – especially after someone finds out that I have worked in the forensics field for over 3 decades and that I have a Master’s degree in Forensic Psychology and Criminology. I ran across a graphic that led me to a site that contained this article…  There are some general principles that therapists … Continue reading Why Adults Sexually Abuse Children

Confused About Forensics?

Are YOU confused about the word "forensic"? If so, I would like to help clarify. While I could get into a bunch of lingo that would further confuse you, I decided to keep it simple. But first, we need to define the word "forensic": application of scientific methods and techniques to aid in criminal investigation scientific techniques … Continue reading Confused About Forensics?