Will You Please Be Quiet?

Noise is everywhere, inescapable, often jarring our nerves and distracting us from the NOW. There is no better ...


Analysis of Bill Cosby: Sexual Predator?

Check out my analysis on Bill Cosby. YOU decide... is he a sexual predator or not?

Talkin’ Shit is like a Childish Coward

Talkin' shit has been a problem centuries before technology came along. Read how these individuals are just childish cowards!

“Help! Life Insurance Confuses the Shit Outta Me”

This is NOT the b-o-r-i-n-g  episode you think it is and insurance policies today are NOT the b-o-r-i-n-g  policies of our grandparents.

Identifying Potential School Shooters

Now that school is starting again, the topic of "how can we identify potential school shooters and be proactive instead of reactive?" has been renewed. It seems each year this is an area of concern. What you may not know is that I have been doing just that for nearly 30 years and all the indicators … Continue reading Identifying Potential School Shooters

Up & Coming Serial Killers

One of my previous blogs discussed animal abuse and then I recently bumped into an article I had seen quite awhile ago. The article was about Scott Andrew Graham (Mesa, AZ) who was arrested for a variety of charges to include mutilating and killing neighborhood cats! As I mentioned before, there are strong correlations of the handwriting of … Continue reading Up & Coming Serial Killers

Professional Badmouthing is About the One Speaking…

... AND... whether personally or professionally, if someone talks bad about others TO you then you can place a safe bet that he talks bad to others ABOUT you too.